Use your smartphone’s Internet access on your computer

Don’t have Internet on your Windows computer? Can’t connect to WiFi? Or is the WiFi not secure? Don’t have a Hotspot? Or is your Hotspot not working right? No problem. Fetch brings your iPhone’s or Android’s Internet to your computer.

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Welcome to Fetch 🎉

Effortlessly connect your iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet to your Windows computer using a charging cable to enable Internet access on your Windows computers. After downloading Fetch, download Fetch Connect, the corresponding (free) application for your  Windows computer, and then install Fetch Connect on your computer. Follow the simple, guided tutorial on your smartphone and you’ll be all set. Setting up Fetch should be quick and painless.

Fetch is fast 🚀and

How fast? So, so fast. Using Fetch, your computer will experience the same Internet speeds that your smartphone and/or tablet (to which your computer is tethered) has. Use Fetch as a safe and secure alternative to using public and non-secured WiFi networks as well as wireless Hotspots to make sure that hackers can’t access your data.

Say 👋 to worthless monthly subscription fees

VPN Services

  • $10-$100 Annual Subscription. Yikes.

  • Speed Slowdown. Crap.

  • Streaming Region Restrictions. Yich.

  • Ad Tracking. Big Brother.

  • Hacking Concerns. Uh, oh.


  • One time download fee. That’s it.

  • No Speed Restrictions. Ever.

  • Secure Network. Always.

  • HD Video Streaming. Yep.

  • Low Battery Usage. Helpful!

Mobile Hotspot

  • $60-$100 Annual Fees. Ouch.

  • HD Content. Eh.

  • Speed Slowdown. Blah.

  • Data Cap for Hotspot. #%&!!!

  • Battery Drainage. Ugh.

Download Fetch Connect📥

  Fetch Connect for macOS

System Requirements
macOS 10.10 or above

Join the BETA program

  Fetch Connect for Windows

System Requirements
Windows 7 or above
64-bit Operating System


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