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Is Fetch an Internet provider?

Nope. Fetch is not an Internet provider. Fetch is a productivity service available for your Windows (Mac coming soon!) computer that enables you to use your smartphone’s Internet access (WiFi or Data) on your computer.

How good is the Internet access provided by Fetch?

Your computer’s Internet access will only be as strong as that of the smartphone with which you are using Fetch. Meaning, if your smartphone has no Internet access, neither will your computer (if you’re using Fetch).

What does “your Internet” mean?

In our marketing lingo, obviously when we say things like “your Internet” we literally mean “your Internet access”.

Why is Fetch safer than using public WiFi or my hotspot?

Let’s be perfectly clear. Fetch does not provide data protection, anti-malware, anti-hacking, anti-phishing or any other type of security service for any of your devices. When we say things like “safe and secure”, we mean that because you are not connecting to a public and/or open WiFi network, and instead are using Fetch to connect your smartphone’s Internet access to your computer, you are adding in a (really awesome) layer of safety and security in that you are not opening up the usual vulnerabilities associated with public and/or open WiFi networks and/or Hotspots. Always practice safe Internet browsing!

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