How long should it take me to set up Fetch Internet?

Simply connect your iPhone to your computer using a charging cable to enable Internet access after installing Fetch Connect, the (free) computer companion app for Fetch Internet. Setup takes less than one minute.

I already downloaded the Fetch Internet app to my iPhone. Now what am I supposed to do?

After downloading Fetch Internet, download Fetch Connect, the free Fetch companion application for your computer, and then install Fetch Connect on your computer. Follow the simple, guided tutorial on your Android and you’ll be all set.

I already went through the tutorial though and I can’t find it. How do I get the tutorial back?

Tap on the Connect tab (bottom right of the Fetch Internet app) and then look toward the middle-bottom of iPhone screen, and you’ll see “Replay setup tutorial” in grey lettering. Just tap on that text, and it will take you back to the tutorial.

Can I use Fetch Internet on my iPad?

Yep, Fetch Internet will work on your iPad just as well as it does on your iPhone.