Custom software solutions for every business

For seven years, TeliApp has been solving problems through the unique design and development of custom software solutions for web, smartphone, tablet and desktop. Software that we’ve developed is currently in use by Fortune 500 companies, tech-startups, and large businesses that offer sophisticated enterprise solutions and services.

Every idea matters

Our business development group liaisons between you and our product development team to review potential projects on the horizon. While some prospects submit generalized design and development needs to us, others contact us with completed specifications and request consultations for software design and development. Some early stage startups approach us with sketches drawn on napkins with brief functionality outlines. Whatever the stage of your project, our team will work closely with you to make sure your needs are met.

Beautiful design, excellent performance

In close consultation with our clients, our product development team develops wireframes, mockups and technical specifications, which include system architecture, functionality, business logic and rules for your software. We also map out performance, availability of reusable components and integration with other applications. We use the materials produced to then develop your project. After testing your completed system, we release your project after our quality control group completes rigorous verification.

Maximum security

We always employ industry standard security encryption methods to ensure that the work product we produce is safe. Our team can employ any level of security required, including those required for banks, credit unions and United States Government agencies. TeliApp is a registered U.S. Government Contractor and can work with any government agency at any level, including but not limited to those in the Department of Defense, Centers for Disease Control, and NASA.